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July 2008

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I don't go to the hair salon, I cut my own hair.  Yes, I do.  Because years ago, I used to go to a hair cut place and tell the hair stylist what I want.  When they get done, I inevitably have to re-cut it myself.  It started with adding some layering on my own.  But after a while, I was even able to cut the back of my hair myself.  Once I can do that, there was no reason to pay someone $50 to do a 15-min job.  But when it comes to wedding hair, that's a different story.  I knew I needed help.  But where to start??  I don't have much hair, what can a pro do for me? 

That's when The Knot came to the rescue.  They recommended Manya from True Beauty Pro.  I had two ideas for my hair.  I wanted my hair down because I've always worn it down.  I only wear my hair up if I'm playing a sport or it's simply too hot.  So I wanted to feel comfortable at my wedding being myself.  But then I wanted to have it up for the ceremony just to feel more formal.  So I put together this inspiration board for Manya just to show her what I like.  I included examples of both up and down dos.  I also purchased a silk flower to wear in my hair, which I brought to the hair trial.  And actually, the picture of Katie Holmes is also an example of the makeup I want.  I want something more glamorous but not too dark.

After trying out different styles, we ended up with my favorite up do.  It's a semi-up do really, the "do" itself is held lower on my head, near the neck.  I just asked Manya to give the top of my head a little more volume.  She also tucked my big silk flower into the hair do so that it only shows a little from the front.  I didn't want the flower to stick out strangely when viewed from the front in pictures. 

I love the hair style so much that I have decided to just keep it through the entire wedding. Although the makeup trial didn't turn out too well at this trial (Manya does makeup too), I immediately signed with her.  She ended up giving another free makeup trial which I was much happier with.  The main reason I went with Manya at True Beauty Pro is that she was extremely responsive to my initial emails.  I felt that she's responsible and have had years of experience with brides.  Having a reliable vendor is extremely important to me. 

I didn't go to another hair and makeup person because I didn't feel the need to.   I also booked hair and makeup sessions for all of my bridesmaids and my FMIL on the day of the wedding. 

I'm so glad to have the hair and makeup taken care of.  Now I just need to find jewelry I like.


Wedding Non-Traditions...Though I'd classify our up-coming wedding as traditional, there are certain traditions we're choosing to forgo at our wedding.

  • Bouquet and Garter Toss - If you are older than 30, chances are most of your friends are married.  There would only be people under the age of 20 trying to catch the bouquet if I toss mine at our wedding.  This will also save me from having to purhcase two bouquets.  I will also still wear a garter because a good friend of mine got one for me.  It's a cute little blue garter with cherry blossoms on it!
  • Registering for Fine China - Instead of asking our friends and family to buy us more dishes than we already have, we're inheriting Mr. BAW's great grandmother's set of China they got for their wedding.  I love the idea of having a piece of family tradition!  I believe that that should be the real tradition, inheriting China from generation to generation.
  • Parents Funding the Wedding - Again, if you are older than 30 and have a good financial foundation, there's no reason you can't fund your own wedding.  Mr. BAW's parents still want to help us with the traditional groom's family monetary responsibilities (paying for the rehearsal dinner and the alcohol) but we are glad that we are financially sound enough to cover all the other wedding expenses.
  • The 5-tier Wedding Cake - We've both been to our fair share of weddings and both agree that although there's been some really yummy wedding cakes, it still can beat a great decadent chocolate desert or a to-die-for cheesecake.  So along with our reception dinner package, we also booked a Viennese Dessert Table.  Giving our guests dessert choices is important to us.  So we are only getting a small cutting cake for us to share.  We are going to have the cake cutting ceremony.
  • Wedding Slide Show - Although we will still have a slide show of our baby pictures, Mr. BAW will also be making a wedding video documentary of "our story" complete with interviews of friends and family and even a reenactment of our meeting!  Hopefully our guests will enjoy this little movie of us.


I had one of the best 4th of July in recent memory.  That's because my best friend and MOH threw me a bridal shower I never thought I could have due to my lack of women friends.  But the lesson I learned from my shower is that 1)you don't need many friends, just a few great ones and 2)strong bonds can be made in a short time and they can last a lifetime.  Case in point, I inherited a new aunt and cousin from Mr. BAW and they've already become two of my favorite people in the world.  I also saw a high school friend I hadn't seen in over ten years since her own wedding.  Yet, it was like we were back in English class in high school, she was the same sweet person I knew twenty years ago.

Besides great friends, there were also amazing food (including a chocolate fountain!), decorations, and so much presents I can't even keep count.  I had never had a party thrown in my honor, ever.  So it was a strange feeling for me.  But to me, it was just as much about me as it was about all the wonderful women there.  Oh, and Toby had a wonderful time too!  There were two little girls at the shower and they LOVE petting Toby.  Of course he thoroughly enjoyed all the gentle attention.

You couldn't have a shower without games.  I was put to the test when the girls grilled me on how well Mr. BAW and I knew each other.  I think I did very well!  The girls also made me a "wedding dress" out of wrapping paper and a gorgeous bouquet out of ribbons.  Here are a few pictures for your viewing just to get a glimps of my wonderful weekend.

Some of the ladies at the shower.  The one in the middle is my MOH who came all the way from SF to organize the event.  I can't thank her enough!

My oldest friends from jr. high and high school.  We all look pretty much the same, trust me.  Yes, it's the Asian gift. The little one didn't go to high school with us. :-)

The beautiful table.  There are pictures of vaious Italian cities we will be visiting on our honeymoon.

The table setting in our backyard.  I love the red roses, so elegant. 

They set up a scrap-booking station for my friends to fill for me.

A flower cake!! So yummy looking! My MOH made the whole thing by herself.  I was wondering why she locked herself in her room for so long!

The cute label on the shower favors.  I love the cherry blossom design, in keeping with our wedding theme.

The shower favors of candies.  Such cute packaging.

These are I thought!  They are plastic-ware made to look just like silverware!! They look amazingly like silverware until you pick one up.  It's simply genius.

I loved the flower garland decorations.

One of my bridesmaids got me this amazing cookie basket!  So cute.  I ate the "wedding cake" for breakfast. :-)

The same bridesmaid also brought over a chocolate fountain.  It was yummy!  I love chocolate fountains.

The lovely bouquet my friends made from all the present ribbons.  I'll be sure to bring it to the wedding rehearsal.

This gorgeous necklace is simply amazing.  It was a present from my FILs.  But the most amazing part of it is that my FFIL made it himself in a jewelry class!!! I was completely speechless when I found out that he made it just for me.  It's one of the most special gifts I've ever gotten in my life.

The beautiful cards I received.  I LOVE cute cards.  Cute cards make my knees buckle.

This adorable pair of love birds are just one of many gifts I received.  They are candles!!! I don't think I'll be lighting these anytime soon.

Happy 4th of July everyone!!!  I can't believe it's July already.  The number of daylight hours will start to decrease but Summer is just starting for us in Southern California.  July also means that we only have two more months til our wedding!  Yikes.  A quick run down of the wedding to-do list assures me that we're pretty on track with our planning. 

I accomplished two big tasks in June, I got my hair and makeup trials done and I booked with a hair and makeup person.  That experience will be the topic of its own blog.  The second thing I did was finished making our wedding invitations and sent them out to all of our guests!

So that means I can show you what our wedding invitations look like.  For a long time, I was enticed by the beauty of letterpress.  However, over time, I realized that I wanted complete control over the design of the invitations.  I also didn't want to spend thousands of dollars on a paper product.  So I decided to design my own invitions and have them printed at Kinkos.  I bought paper and envelop at Kelley Paper for only $40 total.  The printing of 150 double sided invitation sets at Kinkos (the whole set including invitation, map, and RSVP card) cost me about ~100.

Since I am Chinese, I wanted our invitations to reflect my culture and our Cherry Blossom theme.  So after much iterations, below is what I ended up with.  I found a gorgeous picture of a Chinese building with red lanterns hanging in the tree.  It was a real photo taken by Izzet Keribar of the Chinese Pagoda in Tivoli Park in Copenhagen Denmark.  I rendered it into a painting using a photoshop software and used it as the back image of my map card.  For the back of the RSVP card, I took one of the Cherry Blossom pictures I shot in Japan and rendered it into a painting.  The whole set has to be red of course, since red is the color of luck for the Chinese.

I blocked out some information from the actural invitation.  The back of the invitation is a just a simple floral pattern.

Since we have different choices for our guests, I included check boxes for people to indicate their dinner choices.