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I was born in the year of the mouse. I have always been somewhat of a nerd. I love science and in 1995 received my B.S. in Astronomy and B.A. in Mathematics from USC. In 1997 I received my M.S. in Atmospheric Sciences from UCLA. Finally, in 2003, I received my Ph.D. in Atmospheric Sciences from UCLA.

Us at the beach, July 2008.

I live with my husband and Toby, the world's sweetest Golden Retriever. Our daily routine includes an after-work brisk walk to a cute little hiking trail near our home where Toby gets to meet some of our neighborhood dogs and sniff at the squirrels. 

My favorite pastime is eating. We love to try new restaurants and enjoy a variety of food from different nationalities. Seafood, crab and lobster in particular, is my life passion.

When I have time, I enjoy writing, walking along the beach with Toby, and taking photos.

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Grave of the Fireflies My Neighbor Totoro Bambi Big Fish The Omen The Talented Mr. Ripley Amelie Crying Out Love...

My husband and I in Italy.

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Toby and I, Dec. 2008.