February is normally a short month, but it felt extrea short this year. We've done a lot, and I still have pictures to show you from our adventures in February. But first, after February quickly sped away, March came roaring like a lion...actually, literally, roaring like a feisty Golden Retriever puppy! Yes, this is the story of Kepler.

Late last year, Mr. BAW and the kids started talking about getting another dog. Once our epic house remodel was complete, the talk intensitfied, and we even started a list of puppy names. But I told the kids that puppies aren't usually born unti Spring. So time went by and our names list went from short to long and then back to short again as we whittle donwn our choices. Then, in January, I started looking on the internet for poential litters. But I must admit, I was very, verp apprehensive about getting another dog.

When I first got Toby, I was single, living on my own and only had myself to worry about. I knew how much work was involved with a puppy. But for some reason, a strange force drove me to start searching for puppies. Sure enough, within days, I found an ad from a very experienced breeder announcing the pending birth in January. I contacted the lady who owned the dady, Bently. She put my name onto her listed of intered parties. Then on January 17, we got the email announcement of the birth! The mother, Macy, had a healthy litter of 8, five males and three females.

On February 9th, we all drove out to Anaheim to see the puppies. The kids were beyond excited. But I prepped them by telling them that we must be respectful of the puppies and the mama and be extremely quiet and not grab and scare the dogs. The pups were only about three weeks old at the time. When we got there, we were first greeted by a very tired Macy. She was taking a little bathroom break from the pups in the front yard. She had a sweet and gentle demeanor about her which made me feel good about ther pups. The we went into the breeder's kitchen and saw the pups. All of the puppies were adorable, they were just piled together inside their whelping box. There was a slight sense of "where do we even start" feel. Then the puppies started to stir as they heard strange voices. Knowing that we were looking for a male, the breeder started to point them them out, she even handed Mr. BAW a puppy. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw one pup who have sort of squeezed himself under a ledge on the side of the whelping box. I pulled him out, thinking that he must prefer quiet and darkness if he squeezed himself there. I gave him to Buzz, and immediately, the pup melted into Buzz's arms and started to purr. Then, almost as if he had a script, he licked Ahgoo on the nose. She decided, at that moment, to name him Kepler. Up until that moment, our names list had been whittled down to about three names. So within minutes of meeting the pups, we had our little guy, Kepler.

Fast forward, three weeks later, on March 8, Mr. BAW and I went to pick up Kepler while the kids were at school and life has been crazy since. Did I mention that Mr. BAW's entire family happended to be visiting us from Arizona and Iowa this week? Thankfully, they are all on a ski trip to Mammoth. I have a couple of quiet days alone with Kepler to get him used to his new home. Things are going well, with the exception of sleeping through the night. Kepler is not Toby, Kepler is not Toby, that's what I keep saying to myself the entire two nights as he howls and screams every couple of hours from his crate. But we'll get to our new normal, I'm sure of it, maybe in a few weeks, maybe in a few months. But we'll get there.

Posted on March 10, 2019



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