The whole reason to go to Mammoth is to least that's always been for Mr. BAW. Thus, we've actually never visited Mammoth in the summer before. With the whole world still in quarantine and our travels are limited to within diving distance, we decide to spend our last week before school starts at Mammoth and visit some of the lakes. Especially since Kepler finally decided to like swimming. There are many lakes in Mammoth, we decided to drive around and explore a little. We ended up at Gull Lake which was more recreational, with boat and padle board rentals and butts up against a little park with ducks. The cutest thing was went Kepler decided to swim after the ducks. The ducks didn't seem to mind since they could just fly off if he bugged them enough. But for some reason Kepler kept swimming after those ducks. It was just the cutest thing and I wish I caught a video or a shot of it.

Going with a recommendation from a friend, we also decided to check out Convict Lake. This lake is more prestine and quiet. The lake is flanked by gorgeous mountains. Mr. BAW even saw deer when he took Kepler for a walk around the lake. The kids found a large drift wood and spent over an hour floating on it in the lake. The water was cool but not too cold. Enjoy my pictures from these two lovely lakes.


Posted on September 14, 2020


Unless that horse is a mule. The highlight of our Mammoth trip last month had to be going horseback riding at the Red's Meadow Resort. I've never been horseback riding before so I was slightly nervous and nervous about Ahgoo riding on her own (they don't allow double riders). But the animals are super gentle and they tell us that kids as young as six can ride alone and that the animals are kept at a walking pace, they don't even trot. Even though Ahgoo has been on a horse by herself before, she doesn't remember it at all. Everyone was super excited for the adventure. The tour we selected was a two hour ride to and from Rainbow Falls. They also offer four hour and half day rides. But not knowing whether the kids would like it, I imagined the horror in my head if Aghoo refuses to ride by herself or if my legs and back can stand the riding, we decided on the shortest tour. That was a good idea since it was very hot and we were hungry by lunch time.

We all had a wonderful time and two hours was just enough. Rainbow Falls was spectacular, even at this time of the year. Interestingly, even though it's horseback riding, Buzz and Mr. BAW both rode mules! But I would not be able to tell, they all looked like horses. The only minor difference is that the mules don't have the long main but have shorter main and a tuff of hair on the top of their heads. They were all about 15-20 years old, their life span is about 25-30 years old. My big guy was Sam, Ahgoo's horse was Duke, Mr. BAW rode Clifford, and Buzz rode Emma, the only female! Emma was the rebellious, hilarious one! She tried to pull over to eat a bush (twice), she needed to relief herself while we were all trying to cross a little stream. But all in all, the animals were super gentle and just lovely. I highly recommend this activity. The only thing I discovered is that there was so much dust going on that my hair was completely caked after the two hour ride. I couldn't wait to wash my hair that night!

Posted on September 13, 2020


We know dogs can be dirty, we just didn't know that they can get THAT dirty! Ever since Mr. BAW got Kepler to swim at Three Rivers, he's been wanting to take Kepler to try out swimming in the ocean. Well what better place to take a water than Huntington Dog Beach!? We went on my Friday afternoon off a few weeks ago to avoid weekend crowds. Fourteen years ago, I took Toby to Huntington Dog Beach and he abandoned me to sit under a strange woman's umbrella. But Kepler is very different from Toby! Kepler LOVED the beach. He ran around like he broke free from jail. He enjoyed swimming pretty far out to fetch his beloved tennis ball. He enjoyed the company of other dogs. And judging from how dirty he was, he must have had a blast! The waves at Huntington Beach were gentle and the beach was flat and stretched far out without much of a drop off. Buzz really enjoyed swimming in the ocean without heavy waves pounding him. I would say it's a toss up who had more fun, Kepler or Buzz. When we got home, I immediately dragged Kepler into the bath. All in all, a wonderful day for everyone at the beach. Have a wonderful Labor Day and stay safe!

Posted on September 4, 2020


With everything going on in the world, I think it's important to seek out calmness and quietness whenever possible. While I enjoy going on trips, they can be stressful to prepare for and unpack for upon returning, even during normal times without COVID-19. That's why I love it when we discover little pockets of beauty and peacefulness that is close to us. A friend of ours recently told us about a little park in San Pedro that he used to live near, called Averill Park. The park also has pretty awesome views of the Los Angeles Ports. Although we have to drive about 20 minutes to get to the park, we've been there several times already.

I hope people can also discover little gems near them and find ways to feel calmness. Enjoy my pictures below, I especially love the one where Aghoo just ran down the hill all the while jumping, such freedom, such happiness!

Posted on September 2, 2020


I always believe that you should grow what you love to eat. For me, I love basil, green onions, spicy peppers, and tomatoes. I have a very beautiful spicy pepper tree that produces amazing peppers every year. I also grow basil plants which I usually have to replant each year from my own propagated stems. But beware of a basil fungus that tends to kill basil plants. They are a pain to get rid of. I also love to grow tomatoes. But I've only been able to have mild success, getting maybe 20 cherry tomatoes per season...until a few months ago.

Last winter, Mr. BAW was cleaning out the right side of our front year and discovered what he thought were ginormous weeds. So he pulled them out, only to discover little green fruits on them. He showed it to me and I yelled, "Those are tomatoes!" Turns out a volunteer tomato plant had grown in our front yard. But sadly, Mr. BAW pulled out the plant in its entirety, fruits and roots. So I took a chance and replanted it on the left side of our front yard, where there are more room. I figured it would just dry up and wither away. Fast forward to March of this year. I discovered that the tomato plant not only didn't wither away, it grew enormous!! The main branches were about an inch in diameter. It stretched out on all sides, climbing up our pony wall, crawling over my roses, and stretching into the neighbor's yard. When I was looking at it, I thought I heard it say to me,"Feed me Seymour!"

Since my discovery about three months ago, I've been harvesting cherry tomatoes at least once a week. At the height of summer, I was harvesting daily! I was eating the tomatoes like candy, trying not to let them go bad. The ones that were not perfect, I threw them back to the yard and let new plants grow. I must have harvested over ten pounds of tomatoes. Lately, I've had to give some tomatoes away to my neighbor. Linda Ly of Garden Betty also had a volunteer tomato plant in her garden, though mine is not nearly as big as her's. Still, I'm absolutely loving the tomato plant. There's nothing sweeter and juicier than homegrown fruits and vegetables.

Posted on September 1, 2020



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