So I was scrolling through my photos on my phone and rediscovered these pictures from last June that I never posted! In the middle of the COVID-19 Pandemic when all the normal summer camps were cancelled, I decided to take the kids somewhere fun and new to ride their scooter and skateboard. Funny thing is, I grew up only about three miles from Occidental College, a small, private, liberal arts college tucked between Eagle Rock and Highland Park. My high school graduation was held at Occidental! But I have never gone back for a proper tour of campus since 1990!

The college is pretty small. There's one main part of the campus and a large field next to it. But the school is very pretty and well curated. Fun fact, President Obama enrolled in classes for two years there before transfering to Columbia University. Most people have never heard of Occidental College. Enjoy the pictures.

Posted on April 19, 2021


Having visited the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum in DC, I really didn't have high expectations for the Palm Springs Air Museum. But Mr. BAW had heard good thing about it and thought Grandpa would enjoy seeing some WWII planes. Well, all the positive reviews were true! I was very impressed with the collection at the museum. Adult admission prices are $20 but kids under 12 are free. So it was a good deal for us since Buzz is stil 11. But the best part about the museum is that they allow dogs! Kepler had a grand old time, he got tons of attention from the kids at the museum. He even got to "perform" for the troops, ha!

Besides the amazing collection of WWII airplanes, the museum also had a few interactive displays where you can go into an actual cockpit of several planes. The only warning I wanted to share with you is that the museum is spread out over several large hangers and some of the planes are on the runways. So it can get pretty hot, especially if you visit in the summer. The best time to visit is probably fall or winter. When we were there at the end of March, it was already too hot to walk Kepler out to the runway with doggie shoes. Otherwise, if you happen to be in Palm Springs, I recommend a visit to the Air Museum.

Posted on April 15, 2021


Wow time flies when you are under lock down during COVID-19. Spring Break snuck on me this year. Even the kids thought time flies. Luckily, Mr. BAW and I received our first COVID-19 vaccine right before Spring Break so we felt more comfortable venturing out. Since the kids have started going back to school half day (and they will both return to school full days at the end of April!!!!!! *Happy Dance*), we could not travel out of state without having to quarantine for two school weeks after. No way will be keep the kids out of school after they have just gotten to go back in!! So Mr. BAW suggested a trip to Palm Springs for some relaxation by the pool for a few days.

Palm Springs is about 125 miles from our house. So we decided to meet up with my In Laws (they were still wintering in Arizona) at an Airbnb in La Quinta. We were able to spend quality pool time, visit Downtown Palm Springs and Downtown La Quinta, see the Air Museum (very impressive), and spend a day at Joshua Tree! So we packed a lot into four days. The best part was that the Airbnb allowed up to two dogs. So Kepler got to come along on the trip!

The weather in Palm Springs this time of year was very tolerable, in the high 80's to low 90's, just warm enough for me to actually get into the pool! It was actually cooler in Joshua Tree, only in the high 70's. I'm just going to give a sneak peek of a few pictures from our trip for now. I'll have a few more pictures to share from the Air Museum in Palm Springs, it was very unexpectedly impressive.

Our favorite place to eat on the trip was at the famous Sherman's Deli! They had the best pastrami sandwhich I've ever had, the meat was not overly salty! We had to go there twice. One evening, Mr. BAW and I went to dinner and my In Laws took the kids out for an evening treat at Nitroinfusions Ice Cream in Downtown La Quinta. They all recommend it afterwards. Since they make the ice cream right in front of you, they don't have to use any preservatives and all the ingredients are natural. My MIL says that the taste is very natural and fresh with no artificial flavors. Plus, Downtown La Quinta is so cute and charming, the twinkle light picture below was taken there.

Overall, it was a relaxing trip, the kids got plenty of pool time, so much that I have to do a wrinkle test to get then out of the pool every day! I also got to play a little April Fool's trick on the kids. When we were leaving for home the morning of April 1st, I told the kids we were swinging by Disneyland. They were so excited that their eyes about popped out of their heads...until I said, "April Fools!" They laughed and thought it was a fantastic April Fool's trick. Haha, glad they weren't mad at me. Enjoy the pictures.

Posted on April 9, 2021



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