It's been over ten years since I first visited Michigan, and I've been visiting almost annually since. But this is the very first time I've ever been to Greenfield Village and the Henry Ford Museum. I enjoyed taking a walk back in time and wander through Greenfield Village with old time cars and shops. Ahgoo got to try on some lovely hats in an old time hat shop. Most of the adults got to dine at the Eagle Tavern where you get the full 19th century dining experience. All the recipes at the restaurant are from the 1800's and the wait staff all dress like the 1800's. Thanks to Aunt Alyson who graciously watched the kids while we dined, they all got to enjoy a ride in an old Model T through Greenfield Village. Other highlights of Greenfield Village was seeing a replica of Thomas Edison's laboratory where he invented the light bulb, replica of the assembly line, and the lovely old time shops. The only thing that could've been nicer is if it wasn't so darn hot. But I guess that's typical Michigan summertime weather. I also really enjoyed the Henry Ford Museum which is right next to Greenfield Village. It's a really huge museum with lots of see. Plus, it was air conditioned, a big plus after a few hours at Greenfield Village!

Posted on September 15, 2019


If there was ever a comeback kid of cities, Detroit would win that title hands down! We went to downtown Detroit back about ten years ago for dinner and the city was in disarray. There were abandoned storefronts, broken windows, and trash along the streets. It was a shocking sight to behold of such a big downtown. But now, a decade later, what a huge turnaround! I had been reading on the web about all the changes, the new restaurants and cleanups. I've been wanting to come and check it out for myself but it didn't work out for us last year. This year, it was a definite must-see for us. I can't wait to show you all the amazing architectures of Downtown Detroit, they were stunning.

Though we only spent about half a day in Downtown, we were able to squeeze in a lot of sight seeing. In particular, we visited the Guardian Building which was absolutely beautiful and ornate. We only got to see the lobby but they do offer a free weekend tour that also takes you up to the observation tower at the top which we couldn't do on a Thursdday. Other parts of Downtown that were new included a sandy area for kids to play, a gathering of food trucks, and tons of hip new restaurants. We ate lunch at a fun place called the Dime Store. Turns out that it was so named because it was inside the Dime Building. Then we walked over to the waterfront and visited the GM Renaissance Center where GM's world headquarters was located. The building was stunning, I wish I work there! It had amazing views of the Detroit River and Canada. See if you can find the Canadian flag in the river picture below. We also took the People Mover, which the kids and I loved. It took us winding through Downtown and randomly going through buildings and parking garages. I felt like Spiderman swinging on web through the entire Downtown! We ended the tour in Greek Town where we had a much needed snack of yummy Greek pastries.

Perhaps Downtown Detroit is still not quite a destination city like LA, Chicago, or New York yet. But if you live in Michigan, or happen to be in town, then it is a must-visit. I was most impressed with all the young people there, including young families and kids playing in at "The Beach." Also there were lots of Millenials running hip restaurants and doing lots of dinning and shopping. You guys know that I am very impressed with those Millenials with their "can-do" attitudes and their innovative and entrepreneurial spirit! No wonder it takes them to really clean up Downtown Detroit. Not only have they done that successfully, they are expanding north to also clean up Midtown! I'll show you pictures from our Midtown visit soon. For now, enjoy pictures of Downtown Detroit! If you live in Michigan and haven't gone Downtown in years, GO NOW!! You'll be amazed, entertained, and be proud of the Comeback Kid.

Posted on September 6, 2019


With summer fast approaching the end, we managed to squeeze in a trip back to Michigan. It was a relaxing trip. I had no big plans except to see family and friends. But somehow, we still managed to discover new things to see and do! This year, we finally got to go to Downtown Detroit and see Greenfield Village and the Henry Ford Museum. There are so many beautiful pictures to share from our trip, I will start with the simple things in life, hiking and fishing. Although we didn't make it out to Grandpa's boat this year, the kids got to go fishing at a small lake near the Grandparents' house. As usual, they wanted to use their "homemade", rustic twig fishing poles. There were a handful of other people fishing around the lake with fancy poles. Guess who ended up catching all the fish and everyone else caught zero fish while we were there?? Guess the fish just don't like fancy. While hiking at along the stream, we also stopped by the Paint Creek Cider Mill for some donuts and fresh apple cider and even fed a few goats! Enjoy the simple things of life!

Posted on September 1, 2019


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