Pascal Catfish

Pascal, the Pimelodella Catfish, was abandoned by his family in July 2006.  He was found living in a tiny tank filled with filty water.  The poor little guy looked miserable as he hid behind a large seashell.

Being a bottom dweller, Pascal has a smooth belly to allow him to swim above the rocks to hunt for small prey and food dropped by bigger fish.

I brought Pascal home and gave him a brand new tank, much more spatious that his old home.  His new home includes two plants and two large rocks.  He got to bring along his seashell and a ceramic diver for comfort.

Pascal's favorite pastime is to swim all over his tank and occastionally swimming up to the top and diving back down to the glass rocks below.

Pascal's favorite food is shrimp pellets.  He likes to pretend that he spent all night hunting down his food as he stalks the bottom of the raging river fighting off other predators. :-)

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Pascal is smiling.

Up close and personal.

Wee...Pascal loves to
swim around his tank.