Wise Chinese Proverbs
Translated by Amy...

Big germ eat little germ.
-on children eating off the floor.

To eat is to have good fortune.
-diet is not a good thing.

You are a frong in a well.
(You are a chicken in an office...Chih-ping Wang's version.)
-if you are very sheltered.

I'd rather give birth to a piece of Barbeque Pork.
-on having bad children.

Good fortune is not assumed.
-one must go and find good fortune.

As long as the mountain stands, there is no fear of running out of firewood.
-aways keep the source available; missed opportunities won't kill you.

Two guys and a girl...only get anger.
-two guys and a girl...only get anger.

One mountain is higher than the next mountain.
-no matter how smart (strong, wonderful, etc.) you are there's someone else out there better than you.