In a Nutshell...

I was born in the year of the mouse. I have always been somewhat of a nerd. I love science and in 1995 received my B.S. in Astronomy and B.A. in Mathematics from USC. In 1997 I received my M.S. in Atmospheric Sciences from UCLA. Finally, in 2003, I received my Ph.D. in Atmospheric Sciences from UCLA.

I spent all of my twenties pursuing my education and thoroughly living life. Graduate school at UCLA offered me freedom and resources to meet wonderful friends and enjoy the gems of Los Angeles including the vibrant nightlife, the warm beaches, and the glamour of Hollywood. During most of that time, I had my trusty sidekick, Toby, with me. Toby was the world's sweetest Golden Retriever. Our daily routine included a daily after-work brisk walk to the local greenbelt to meet up with other furry friends. Life was pretty sweet.

When it was time to grow up, I met my perfect life partner. We share the same life goals and passions, including food and travel. Together, we slowly build a beautiful family and home. Life today is raising kids (including our furry baby, Kepler), enjoying good food and good friends, and planning for the next phase of our lives.

My favorite pastime is eating. We love to try new restaurants and enjoy a variety of food from different nationalities. Seafood, crab and lobster in particular, is my life passion. When I have time, I enjoy gardening, reading, learning, and taking photos.