Another Birthday!!

Happy birthday to Mr. BAW! Thanks for being my perfect life partner. Ten years and two kids later, we still never run out of things to talk about. Many more adventures to come!

Posted on August 27, 2018

Michigan State University

Last time I visited Michigan University, it was pouring rain and we spent the entire time inside a cafeteria and the dairy store. So this time, we made sure to check the weather religously and made sure we timed it so that there was no chance of rain the day we visited East Lansing! It was very important for me to see the campus of Michigan State University because both my BIL and MIL went to school there! It was especially awesome that we got to visit the women's dorm where my MIL stayed at in the early sixties and where she was corted by a young man who turned out to be the love of her life! We got a picture of the two love birds outside Campbell Hall where my FIL often visited her.

This trip to MSU was also very productive! I got to see the most amazing herb and plant garden, not surprising since MSU is a very big agricultural school. They even had poison ivy on display (labeled with a red sign)!! I had never seen poison ivy in person so forgive me for being excited about a plant. They also had a cute natural history museum that the kids and I enjoyed. We, of course, had ice cream at the famous MSU creamery. And, finally, I got to see Sparty! Also, MSU is one of the most bike-able campuses I've visited. The entire time I was there, I kept wishing we all had our bikes!! Enjoy the pics.

Posted on August 26, 2018

University of Michigan

You just have forgive me for not posting until the end of August because this month I have a good excuse. We took a trip to Michigan to see my In Laws! Yes, it's been a few years since we've been to Michigan. It was a lovely and easy trip to make. The kids are a little older now, so they did well on the flights. Ahgoo still has a little bit of trouble on the flight back but it's only because it was very late by the time we got back to LA. Otherwise, she was a complete trooper through the entire travel. By now, my In Laws' house feels like home to us. The kids remembered it well from before. Even Ahgoo said that she remembers the basement, where the kids get to play hide-and-seek and wrestle to their hearts' content.

I had a few want-to-do's on this trip. Visiting Ann Arbor and the University of Michigan was one of those. Mr. BAW got to see his alma mater and I got some nice pictures. I've visited quite a few universities, thus far, the Law library at U of M is the most beautiful in my opinion. Enjoy!

Posted on August 25, 2018

Brand Park

Even though I grew up in LA, I continue to discover new places I've never been to, or even knew about! Last month I searched Google Maps for new places to take the kids on a rare free weekend. I stumbled upon a huge park called Brand Park in Glendale. Turns out that this is a historic landmark and there was much more to see than just a play park! The park was originally the residence of a wealthy real estate developer, Leslie C. Brand, and was donated to the city in 1945. The park is huge, with a few hiking trails. Sadly, the day we visited, the mansion/libray, Japanese tea house, and the Victorian house were all closed. I still came away with some nice pictures to share with you.

Posted on August 24, 2018



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