Peacock Season

This is our fourth summer since moving to our home. I finally got the peacock mating season down! Peacock mating season is from about March to July. Why do I care you ask? Well, right after mating season, the peacocks shed their beautiful tail feathers! I've been trying to collect them for the past three years, only to minor success. But this year has been a huge success! We stumbled upon two different shedding sites. We collected about 50 feathers already! I've only found about 20 in the past three years. We've been exploring more and more trails near our house and have stumbled upon two areas the birds like to hang out. So they spend a few months from about April to July mating, then shed their feathers by mid to late July. By February, we start to see baby peafowls with their mothers. The peacocks regrow their feathers from Winter to Spring and the cycle repeats. There are a few other "feather hunters" in the neighborhood so there's an unspoken "race" to find the prized feathers. What do I do with the feathers? I put them into a large pot next to our front door. It's going to be many more years before the pot is full.

Posted on July 28, 2017

Crazy June

June was an absolutely fast paced month. We started on June 1st with a crazy ordeal. That evening, at about 4am, Mr. BAW said he randomly woke up. Then he heard some water noises and thought that maybe Buzz had gone to the bathroom. So he went out to check on him. He then hear louder water sounds that didn't appear to come from our one working bathroom. He went downstairs, and noticed that the light to our garage was on. He then remembered that he had forgotten to turn off the light. But he heard more water sound and thought that maybe the contractors had arrived to do work on the house. But it was only 4am so he went down to the garage level onlly to find that he couldn't open the door to enter the garage because there entire floor 3 inches of mud. Turns out that the contractors made a mistake in pinning the water supply pipe and the the pin slipped out and water was just gushing out washing part of our hill side into our garage. Of course, since half our house is torn up, we've been storing everything in the garage! Mr. BAW ran into our room to wake me up screaming that water was gushing out. You can only imagine how I reacted! Luckily, I was able to compose myself and I stayed with the kids in the house while Mr. BAw went outside to shut the water off. Thankfully, the kids slept through the entire ordeal. Our contractor managed to clean the entire garage of all the mud. But our hot water heater did not survive the ordeal. So the next day we were without hot water. The kids didn't bathe that evening. I can say now that I wish I hadn't bathe as well. Bathing with cold water was one of the most unpleasant experiences of my life. Long story short, we are now proud owners of an industrial strength tankless hot water heater. Hopefully, that was the only mishap of this mega-reno.

Just a week after the ordeal, we celebrated Ahgoo's preschool graduation! We were so proud of our little princess. The pre-school always put on a huge graduation production and this year was no different. The kids wore graduation gowns and walked up to receive their "diplomas" from the school principal. The theme was "Oh The Places You Will GO!" All the kids then dressed up as what they wanted to be when they grew up. There were many race car drivers, a few pop stars, and a few doctors. The unique ones were a dolphin trainer and a swim Olympian. Ahgoo wants to be a pediatrician. Needless to say, I cried at the ceremony and was a very proud mama.

A week after that, Buzz had oral surgery to remove 5 teeth!!! From past x-rays, we've known that he has an extra tooth inside his upper palate. But over time, it started to move forward and was starting to impact the root of his adult front tooth. Since he as going under for the surgery, we decided to remove four front teeth, one was hanging by a thread anyway, to make room for the adult teeth that were just waiting to pop out. He was a trooper through the whole ordeal. Poor kid had sutures in his mouth for a few days. But like all kids, he bounced back quickly and within days he could eat anything he wanted. Now, I'm hoping his new teeth will come down in time for school pictures in the fall. It's looking real good now!

As if we didn't have enough going on in June, Mr. BAW decided to enroll both kids in Tae Kwon Do while Chinese school is on summer break. It's been good, the kids like it and they teach discipline which I like.

Even with all that went on in June, we managed to spend a nice day exploring another part of LA that I've never seen...the LA river. Yes, LA has a "river." It's dry most of the time but during El Nino years, it can flow like the mighty Mississippi. We would often hear about rescue efforts when a kid or teen gets wash down because people are always under estimating the height of the river. We spent a morning riding ponies at Griffith Park and then drove over to the LA river for a little hike. There, we discovered a giant snake! Enjoy our pics.

Posted on July 9, 2017

Father's Day

I hope you all had a good Fourth of July. We spent the day hiking by our home and then went to our friends' for a simple BBQ. They also have two kids the same age as ours'. After a good meal and some catching up, we went home and went to bed. We've been so busy lately that no one even missed fireworks. Maybe we'll catch it next year.

So much have passed in June. I will try to share a few things back from June slowly. But July have been absolutely hot! We're in the middle of a long heatwave. It's been in the low 80's even along the coast. Unfortunately, due to our big removation, we can not utilize our A/C. Hopefully, things will cool down a bit.

Last month, Mr. BAW requested for a picnic and a local hike on Father's Day. So we packed a little gormet picnic filled with fancy cheeses and delicious pate and headed to a local park. It was a quiet day at the park, we had our pick of park benches and tables. We then took a leisurely stroll down a quiet trail, pure loveliness.

Posted on July 7, 2017



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