We took advantage of the long weekend over Martin Luther King Day and made a quick trip to Flagstaff to see meet up with my In Laws and let some of the family do some skiing. We flew into Phoenix and drove about two and a half hours up to Flagstaff. Thankfully, LAX was very quiet and we didn't have any delays! We left at 8:30am and got into our motel in Flagstaff by 4pm. The trip was as smooth as one can ask for and the kids now are excellent travellers. They were excited to go skiing again, they haven't skied in over a year. I've never been to Flagstaff before so I was looking forward to doing a little exploring and shopping with my MIL who also doesn't ski.

Flagstaff is cute and small. It's a little bit rustic mixed with a little charm. The downtown is also very small, one afternoon was enough to explore and do all of our shopping done. I did drag my MIL to a Thai restaurant, Swaddee Thai, with me for lunch. The restaurant was surprisingly good and authentic. It also had one of the most delicious desserts I've ever had, fried roti with condensed milk. This is rarely ever available in any LA Thai restaurant! I can't believe that I would have to go back to Flagstaff to get a Thai dessert! I guess that's the trouble with travel, you find something you love and you can't have it regularly! The rest of Downtown Flagstaff was nice. We visited some cute shops and a lovely bookstore. Then we met up with the ski crew and went for a hardy dinner. The weather was cool, highs in the 40's dipping into the 20's at night.

Through walking, I discovered that Flagstaff likes murals. I took pictures of some of the bigger murals. I like the one of the Grand Canyon and the cow. You also get a very nice view of Humphreys Peak from downtown. Enjoy my pictures of Flagstaff.

Posted on January 20, 2022


I try to look back at my blogs from previous Januaries...is that how you pluralize January?...to see how I manage to get through it after all the festivaties and long break from work. Once again, I feel like the year will be so daunting and long. But I am inevitably amaze at the speed the year will fly by in December, it just seems so impossible in dark January! Did you have a good winter break? I had a very nice week and a half off from work and I thoroughly enjoyed it. We had plenty of rain over the last two weeks in December, my garden is still trying to dry out and I've already pulled out several rogue mushrooms growing in my garden...*my fist shaking in the air*. Even with all the rain, I managed to be very productive at redo-ing my dining room and "winterizing" my garden. In LA, where the winters are mild, winterizing the garden basically means pulling the remains of my volunteer tomato plants out, pulling out some weeds (they still grow like...well, like weeds), and de-mushrooming. Re-doing my dining room, however, was a bit more involved. I'll share with you the details in another post, I basically got a new dining table and moved Mr. BAW's WFH office from the dining room to another part of the living room. But I'm mighty proud of my re-do we were able to host Christmas dinner for the extended family in my new dining room.

A week into January and we're trying to get back into routine. The kids had to get a COVID test prior to starting school. Thankfully, our school district started classes one week earlier than LAUSD! We have about 4 thousand kids (K to 12) in our district, I can't imagine having to test the entire LAUSD in one week! We got our tests through our health provider and that took a few hours of being in line. Thankfully, both kids tested negative and Buzz was very relieved to discover that they just had to do a saliva test. Other than that, life is slowly returning to "COVID normal."

Before I leave 2021, I wanted to share some pictures of the Van Gogh Immersive event we attended last month on my birthday! Interestingly, there is also a Monet Immersive exhibit, but I think being introduced to the experience with Van Gogh's work is better. The idea is that they project paintings onto walls and floors paired with selected music. It's a "larger than life" feeling and definitely brings on more emotions than just looking at a painting. Given Van Gogh's tragic life story, this immersive experience definitely brings on an eerie/sad feelings. Besides adding music, they also animated a few of his paintings which brings on a new dimension. At the end of the show, they passed out sun flowers to all the kids there. Overall, it was a unique experience. I would be curious to see the Monet Immersive. The only bad thing about the event was that it was in Mid Town LA and traffic was HORRIBLE getting to the event, it took us over an hour and a half to get there. Normally, it would've just taken 45 minutes. Oh, and coincidentally, I recently watched Loving Vincent on Kanopy and I highly recommend it, it was a visually beautiful movie. I also gain some perspectives over the troubled life of Van Gogh. Enjoy the pictures from Immersive Van Gogh!

Posted on January 5, 2022



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