In a Nutshell...

Kepler was born in Anaheim California on January 14, 2019. He was one of eight puppies (five girls and three boys) from Mama Macy and Papa Bentley. When we went to look at the puppies, they were all still just the size of our palms. We wanted a mellow pup so I pulled one of male puppies out from under a ledge in the whelping box thinking that if he wedged himself under a ledge he must like peace and quiet.

I was wrong about liking peace and quiet. Kepler is the complete opposite of Toby. While Toby was a scaredy-cat trapped in a big dog's body, Kepler is all dog. Kepler loves to fetch, loves his balls, and loves to play with other dogs. While Kepler doesn't love to swim, he is willing to jump into the ocean to rescue his beloved ball.

Kepler's life revolves around his walks. In the morning, Daddy will take him down to the beach to play with his best buddy, Eddie, a black Laborador Retriever. Kepler then spends his day lounging on the couch or in the backyard. At the end of the day, Daddy will take him up to the local elementary school to meet up with his other doggie friends Georgia, Riley, Hershy and Romeo for some romping fun. Occasionally, he'll take walks with our neighbor dog Baxter.

Life is pawsome for Kepler. We are so happy that at just two, Kepler will be growing up along side his human brother and sister.